Tipton Poetry Journal publishes quarterly.  We are now accepting submissions for future online publication.    Beginning in 2015, we ceased publishing a print journal and began publishing quarterly in an online format:  http://issuu.com/tiptonpoetryjournal http://issuu.com/tiptonpoetryjournal

Tipton Poetry Journal asks for one-time rights for publication in digital or electronic downloadable format and also the right to retain an online archive. Author retains all future rights to the poem, following publication. 

Simultaneous submissions and previously published poems are ok.  If submission is simultaneous, please submit poems separately so that if you need to withdraw, your other poems will remain under consideration.  Please withdraw poem immediately if a poem under simultaneous submission is no longer available.

If a poem has been previously published, please indicate publication in order to be properly acknowledged.
submit 1-5 poems

include name, address & phone number

simultaneous submissions ok, but please submit poems SEPARATELY so they can be withdrawn if necessary

Submit multiple poems in one submission only if NOT simultaneous